Dove Pure Care Dry Oil review [Product feature]

Hello Everyone,

I’m so sorry for my absence, over the past two weeks my university course and life has been slightly crazy and so posting has taken a back seat in my list of priorities, however, I’m back! To make up for my disappearance I will be uploading 3 new blog posts over the next 2 days (hopefully) all about the major products in my life right now.

Todays product feature is about the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil for hair. This product has really been saving my hair lately. In Australia we are currently changing seasons to Autumn (bring out the 107 lippy!), meaning colder dryer weather. The weather has major effects on my face, hair and body. My hair always goes so dry and dead in this season so I thought it was time I invested in a new hair oil. I’ve tried argan oil products before and to be honest none of them have had the same effect as this one.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair- $19.99

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair- $19.99

This is a product you use on damp hair and leave in. First off lets talk about the packaging, for only $20 this seriously looks like a rich luxurious product. I am actually displaying it along with other pretty products as well and it really does look gorgeous. I was also quite impressed with the box that it came in, but unfortunately a devious pug puppy got to that when I wasn’t watching him for 2 seconds!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair- $19.99

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair- $19.99

Anyway, what I love about this is the way it coats and protects your hair, making it glossy and shiny without it being greasy. My hair stills lasts the same amount of time before I need to wash it again with this in it. The bottle promotes the African Macadamia Oil that it has, which I don’t really know much about but it sure does smell delicious and work well!

I would also like to mention that I have been using this product for about 2-3 months now, using 2-3 squirts every time I dry my hair and I’ve hardly made a dent in it. The amount I use definitely covers all my hair so the amount of uses you get in the 100ml bottle is worth it!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair- $19.99

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil For Hair- $19.99

This product is going to be an essential part of my hair care over these next few months, it really does help restore shine and gloss to my hair when it is looking limp, dead and frizzy.

I’ll leave a link to the Priceline website below where it is currently 30% off making it only $13.99! I hope this helped you guys!

Let me know in the comments what hair care products you are currently loving!

Love Bee ❤


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