Le Tan Gradual Tan [Product Feature]

In my first of three mini product features yesterday I mentioned that Australia is currently going into Autumn, however this still means we have random days when the  sun peeps out and it’s a glorious day. For that reason and also the fact that I’m not quite ready to fully submit myself to the ghost like colour I turn over winter, a staple product over the past few weeks has been the Le Tan Gradual tan.

le tan

Le Tan Gradual Tan $8.99

This is a moisturising body lotion that gives you a daily glow. It truly is my favourite gradual tanning moisturising lotion as it includes SPF 15 and gives protection from UVA/UVB. On the back of the bottle is says that you will see results after 5 days of usage but honestly I really do see results after 1 day of wearing it, I’m not saying it’s going to turn you naturally tanned instantly, but it definitely does the job of getting rid of the shiny whiteness.

In terms of the smell of this product its probably not the best compared to more expensive brands like bondi sands, however I would definitely say that it’s better than brands like Garnier! I will stress though that it is extremely important to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and wash your hands after use!!!

Anyway, I hope this little product feature has helped you, let me know how you keep your tan during winter in the comments below!

The link to the Priceline website for this product is below (although it is probably cheaper in chemist warehouse).


Love Bee ❤


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