Harry Potter Again

So lets all talk about the elephant in the room. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Book 8.

A play script.

A disaster.

Now I know, calm down, I’m sure many people absolutely loved this book and for them, congratulations, I’m so happy for you!

But for me it was unfortunately one of those books that I read and wished I hadn’t. I know the characters had to grow up and move on with their lives, but to change the direct character traits that made the series so incredible was horrific to read!


The Book Cover Page. Around $20-$35 depending on where you buy from.

So brief catch up, J.K.Rowling along with 2 other writers wrote this story as a Play. The text picks up where J.K’s last book left off. The nineteen years later story is continued and as usual there is the typical story format of introduction, problem, solution and happy ending.

However, throughout the book many characters come back through different worlds that Harry’s son, Albus travels in time to. Furthermore, during these time travel worlds and the correct present world multiple characters directly go against the character J.K wrote them as.

For example…


…Hermione directly said to the Minister for Magic that she didn’t want a career in politics as she wanted to do something useful that has a positive impact on the world in her life. In this book Hermione has gone on to become the Minister of Magic herself. This is fine if it’s the vision J.K. had for Hermione but it’s not and she explicitly said so. It seems to be just a purely nostalgic plot twist to show that J.K’s golden girl and feminist has gone on the be in charge of the world. I know it’s important to recognise the importance of women with roles of authority, but Hermione has that already without needing to be in charge of the world.

Secondly the changes that Ron’s character and career have gone through, to me felt like it was done on purpose purely to re-boost public interest in Harry Potter merchandise like Chocolate Frogs, the Weasley Joke Shop merch and Harry Potter products. The brief mentions he had throughout the text were constantly linked to some sort of merchandise or confectionary. To me it just felt like he was there to bring about product placement as he didn’t really have any other role in the plot.

I think if you can detach yourself from the old Harry Potter and just read this as a new text, not explicitly by J.K., then you should get along with it.

It’s also important to remember that it isn’t a novel, it’s a play script, so things are over the top and a little childish, because that’s how plays entertain and reach the audience.

It’s a shame because I was so excited that a new chapter in the Harry Potter series was being unveiled, we’ve all wanted more for so long. I just don’t think this was the correct way to approach it. It does unfortunately make me lean towards the horrible money hungry explanation.

It’s not a new book, it’s just a play.

Respect to J.K. Rowling and anyone else who was involved in this book, at least you attempted to give us what we wanted.

Let me know what your thoughts are below,

Love Bee ❤


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