Music Moods

There are few albums that I listen to and instantly fall in love with and would forever be ok listening to them.

However, after listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide, I’m sold.


After having a sob and relistening over and over again to Supermarket Flowers and then forcing my gorgeous Ma to listen and cry along with me I have been obsessed.

This album dropped like possibly under 24 hours ago and I’m already dying to get my hands on a hard copy. However I cannot really break into a store right now (11pm) so I will have to contain myself until the morning. Thankfully all songs are up on Ed’s official YouTube channel. THANK LORD!

Anyway, in the spirit of total music inspired bliss, I thought I would share my all time favourite albums that I cannot EVER get enough of.

  1. Love in the Future by John Legend. Seriously though, even my partner knows every single track on this one!
  2. Moon Landing by James Blunt. I know I know, typical girl loving James Blunt, but honestly I don’t even care (also small shoutout to his previous album Some Kind of Trouble and the new album which I’m so keen for!)
  3. 25 by Adele. I cannot contain my excitement over this point as in under 14 days I will be seeing Adele herself live! (Also of course 21 deserves the biggest shoutout yet!)
  4. And finally, and oldy but a goody, Beyonce by, of course, Queen B. Enough said.


Finally I would also like to point you ALL in the direction of The Boat that Rocked soundtrack and the best of all, Love Actually soundtrack. Even my partner allows the level of Christmas joy and music it spreads around!

Happy dancing and joyful singing,

Love Bee


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