Harry Potter Again

So lets all talk about the elephant in the room. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Book 8.

A play script.

A disaster.

Now I know, calm down, I’m sure many people absolutely loved this book and for them, congratulations, I’m so happy for you!

But for me it was unfortunately one of those books that I read and wished I hadn’t. I know the characters had to grow up and move on with their lives, but to change the direct character traits that made the series so incredible was horrific to read!

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My Book of the Month…

Hello everyone,

Lately I’ve been really getting back into my reading. Probably a little too much seeing as I have so many assignments due and not enough time to complete them all, spending an hour reading each day is probably not productive! It is however definitely worth it!

Now I’m known for my love of the classic soppy romance novels, however I’ve surprised myself lately by reaching for crime/thriller books! They really freak me out so they can only be read during the daytime… In a nice bright park…. Surrounded by lots of other people…! Im joking, but really some of them are creepy!

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2015; the year of the sheep.

Also coincidentally the year I turn 18, start university and if all goes to plan travel overseas with my boyfriend for the first time. Starting a blog is a very scary thing to do. I can honestly say I’ve written and re-written this post multiple times. How do you engage readers? Should I be overly happy and nice or will that just make people think I’m not real?

This blog probably won’t last or be any good but here’s to hoping that I enjoy myself whilst doing it. There’ll be content about fashion, beauty, life, food and hopefully love.

For now I think this post will be about the current book that I’m reading. It’s called Songs of the Humpback Whale and it’s an adult novel by the wonderful Jodi Picoult. I can’t quite believe that this was the first novel she ever had published, she was 25 at the time that she wrote it and she perfectly channels the attitude of the 2 main characters, a 15 year old teenage girl and her 35 year old mother. The book explores the nature of the females relationships, both past, present and future ones. Picoult is a number one bestselling author and I have devoured multiple other books of hers including The Pact and Nineteen Minutes. Her books are so incredibly deep, (for lack of a better word) and she always covers so many vastly troubling subjects. For example, Nineteen Minutes is about a high school shooting, a very touchy subject but the way she writes so that the book is seen from all the characters points of views really gives the reader a bigger picture of the story. Her books grip you from page 1 and I can say that because I started this book 5 days ago and I’m already over 150 pages in. To get through her books you do need to concentrate, the stories are often not told in chronological order of events and so the first chapter of the text could really be the last with the rest of the book explaining to you in snippets how the characters got where they are. This gives the books a mysterious and intriguing side that I find hard to resist. Her interesting and bold topics are also the kind of juicy drama any bored teen would find hard to resist.

I’ll link her website below so that anyone who wants can check out her writing more can. However, just a quick disclaimer these books do have some seriously adult subjects in them so please check with parents before reading them! I would hate to leave some young people confused with a lot of new questions!



Let me know what book you’re reading right now, also let me know if you’ve ever read any Jodi Picoult books? Did you like them? Any you could recommend for me?

Thanks for listening,

Bee ❤